Saved by True Love on Valentine’s Day

What a beautiful way to express love: friendship. Accountability, honesty, compassion. We can love our friends without expectation, without jealousy and with a full and open heart because we know we’re loved back. True friends don’t doubt loyalty or demand the impossible. Regardless of the favor, we do it because life decides when we’re in … More Saved by True Love on Valentine’s Day

A Future Memory

Curled in your arms, bodies close as my fingers caress the soft skin of your back. The rhythmic sound of of your sleepy breath has me mesmerized in love… The creeping sun, the soft blue light stirring our precious dreams as we search for the others touch. Eyes closed, I find your hand and let … More A Future Memory

Subconscious Trickery

I’m completely confused about why they are here. To my understanding, they’re gone, long dead, but they’re totally here, in front of me! Completely shocked to see Dad and then instantly stressed because won’t he be mad at the way we’d handled things, won’t he?! Is he annoyed? Irritated? But no, the whole time he seems… … More Subconscious Trickery

The Happy Place

On the brink of sadness, yet filled with extreme joy, I feel happiness like a drug. My heart floating, my brain resting on a cloud and energy pulsing through my veins, screaming with love and strength, emulating growth and higher existence, just demanding that I listen. Putting spiritual context into words is one of my greatest challenges. … More The Happy Place

The Beauty of Acceptance

Social cues, restrictions and expectations are very strange. The mannerisms, our conversations and behaviors often baffle me. I am convinced that we are certainly, without a doubt, the strangest of all the planet’s creatures. We lead confusing, convoluted lives that are overcomplicated by continuos stimulation and distraction leading to exorbitant stress levels that are literally killing … More The Beauty of Acceptance

The Cut

Cutting the cord The one that binds us to the beautiful yet tragic thing we’d rather die for than let go That cut The one final move Consequence of hours, days, years of struggle, grasping to hold on… The last move, the final stroke The ultimate slice in a heart full of beautiful pain Seeping … More The Cut

Lost Loves

I morn you. Morn your loss daily. All of you – my lost loves. You are morned. With a full and open heart you are morned, loved, hated, appreciated and remembered. I am grateful for your existence, hateful for your departure All the while, full feeling love, sad losing love and hopeful knowing love. I … More Lost Loves