About Me

It’s not about me. I’m the common thread, you’ll hear my voice, but this is about us. I want to shrink my human experience into a palatable size so that everyone can see what I see, maybe feel what I feel: Our shared existence is beautiful. Human connectivity is everything in this life.

The mind blowing reality is that among 7 billion people crammed onto our tiny planet, random isn’t always random and paths cross on an unpredictable and astonishingly regular basis. It’s so hard to succinctly describe the process, the true meaning, the absolutely brilliant fact that beautiful coincidences are plentiful and we all too often ignore this distinctly human interaction.

Human connectivity is our most valuable renewable resource and I advocate for its sustainability. With greater human connectivity comes greater dissemination of love.

This is my proclamation:

All I do, I do with love: Complete, compassionate, peaceful and unconditional love. I’ll approach every situation, each person with an open and understanding heart. Neither judgement nor bias will cloud my experience or create unjust expectations. Every piece of this intricate journey holds a certain thread of beauty. Threads I won’t always recognize or be able to identify, I won’t always particularly understand the fine details, but I am necessarily aware that this life is constructed of countless tiny pieces of beauty. I have so much love to share.

This Love is One Beauty Among Many.