Saved by True Love on Valentine’s Day

What a beautiful way to express love: friendship. Accountability, honesty, compassion. We can love our friends without expectation, without jealousy and with a full and open heart because we know we’re loved back. True friends don’t doubt loyalty or demand the impossible. Regardless of the favor, we do it because life decides when we’re in need and a friend fulfills, no matter the circumstance.

Friendship is true love.

Friends hold us accountable for our actions, call us on our shortcomings and express their high expectations. Friends don’t let us cheat ourselves. They have our backs, but are true to the reality of the situation. They’ll still follow you into battle, but only after expressing their doubts and explaining the better more logical options. Friends are real and don’t let you see the roadblocks as failure, but come along to help pick up the pieces so you may keep moving forward.

There to be a voice of reason or to rile your need for freedom, adventure. Friends make you feel loved when the heart is weak, help fill voids when it’s lonely, and hold your hand when lost.

Friends are One Beauty Among Many.


14 February 2017


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