The Serpentine Parasite

Climb into my mouth, slither your way down my throat, spreading your arms throughout my chest and consuming my will to breath, you wrap your long fingers around my heart, squeezing drops of joy. Like a sponge, the happiness drips from my soul.

I cringe, I cry, I flail to escape, but you’re in me.

Everywhere I go, you’re there grasping tighter around my heart. Refusing to release even as the drops stop. The feeling gone, but you push for more, squeeze harder, your fingers blue, my heart lifeless.

I run, I flee, forgetting that I take you with me.

Your body a block in my chest, your hands the noose around my heart. The lump in my throat swells, is deafening. The pit in my stomach revolting. Lounging in every crevice of my helpless, defenseless body.

I hate you, I fear you, you stay inside me.

Interfering with my peace, disrupting my joy. You trespass on my soul and wreak havoc on my heart. You must be expelled. You always come back. Pain. You always find a way. Somehow, I can’t escape you.


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