A Future Memory

Curled in your arms, bodies close as my fingers caress the soft skin of your back. The rhythmic sound of of your sleepy breath has me mesmerized in love…

The creeping sun, the soft blue light stirring our precious dreams as we search for the others touch. Eyes closed, I find your hand and let my fingers creep up your arm grazing your cheek on my way to your neck. Through your hair and back down again as you pull me in close. Strong hands around my waist, squeezing my body into your warm, soft embrace. We drift off once more, for a moment, into our shared space, just us, our bubble, our dream.

I awake … hot, push you away, but by your insistence I stay close. You want to feel me, hear me, to touch me and hold me. You love me in the morning, all day, but especially in the morning when I’m most beautiful. You wrap your fingers in my hair and kiss my face; loving every freckle, scar, hair and wrinkle.

This is the best time of day. Next to you, quiet, close, when I can feel you. I can hear your steady heart beat and see your happiness. This is where I feel loved, feel safe. Where I am certain, in our special space into which doubt never creeps. We lay, undisturbed, no desire to move, leave, to disrupt this peace, our peace.

You love me, cherish me, adore me, choose to hold me forever. I feel whole, my most confident. When you hold me, when you look into my soul and tell me you love me… This is joy. This is love. This is you and me, a future memory.


28 February 2017


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