Pachamama’s Revenge

Earth. Mother Earth.

Bubbling from her core. Seeping from an open wound, from her deepest, darkest center boils the molten lava. Angry as she’s trampled upon. Boiling as her children continue to walk on, abuse and destroy her skin. Ruin her every last existence on the surface, but her foundation, her truest inner core, can not be touched.

Completely protected, guarded by a heat so high mere contact disintegrates her enemies. She erupts, sweet release, pressure pours through her gaping lesion. Spewing chunks of a wounded soul, exploding for miles and smearing her insides, destroying those in her path. Warding off evil, leaving her remains strewn across the surface of her scarred skin as a reminder of her power. A sign of her strength, a warning of the inevitable destruction.

She will not be controlled, never consoled. She is a force. the force of this existence and beware, he who attempts to chain or contain her. Rolling like waves, sloshing like the angry ocean, a caldron of ferocity, completely uncontainable, ready to burst with moments notice. Don’t fuck with her. Don’t be fooled by her beauty, her unending kindness or generosity. She has perpetually shown forgiveness, but she rules. There exists no worthy challenger. She rules forever and her iron fist will only soften by the reciprocal love, respect, and appreciation that she has so graciously demonstrated.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 – Volcan Masaya, Nicaragua


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