The Beautiful Existence of Blissful Ignorance

Early to bed. Early, slow, calm rise. A pour-over coffee with a dash of cream. Natural blue light amplified by a still silence of no voice, no chatter. Calm, mostly calm. Alone, but not Alone, just being. This is my happy place. This is paradise.

As a doer, I struggle to simply… be. Awaking in a mountain paradise or by the beach, even a vast desert openness, the opportunity to simply be in peace is my heaven on earth. If there MUST exist a sound: a giggling baby. A happy baby is the tolerable exception. The purest of joys that can not be tainted. I’m in love with a child’s true, raw, unadulterated beauty. So blessed to be surrounded by friends with gorgeous little beings who share with me their tiny, advanced, yet undeveloped souls. Their truth is so real. A truth about that I crave to be even partially as aware.  Not questioning the now, because the now is the single option. Such a beautiful existence: Blissful ignorance.

To receive love, to share love, teach love, see love and be love. My purpose is as an eternal fountain of love for every being I may or may not encounter. To exude unconditional love in the face of every challenge or betrayal. To lead by example and to teach the true power of love. This kind of unconditional love is One Beauty Among Many.

Wednesday, 30 September 2016


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